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CARRIER AND BROKER AGREEMENT This AGREEMENT is made this date of May 11 2012 by and between herein referred to as CARRIER and TRINITY LOGISTICS INC. IN WITNESS WHEREOF the parties have executed this seven 7 page AGREEMENT on this day. BROKER Trinity Logistics 50 Fallon Ave P. O. Box 1620 Seaford DE 19973 CARRIER Company Name Physical Address of Principal Office Ph No. 800-319-6968 Address 2 or P. 38 AUTHORITY OF REPRESENTATIVES TO BIND PARTIES It is agreed and warranted by the parties that...
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DOT "TREVOR" means the United States Federal Transit Administration (FTA) "FTC" refers to the Federal Trade Commission "FTA"" means the Federal Trade Commission; &quot"" means the U.S. Department of Transportation &quot"FTA"""; means U.S. Department of Transportation) "L" means the L3 Group "B"" means the Bell Atlantic Corporation "D"" means DTE"" and DTE Energy "DOT"" means U.S. Department of Transportation, National Highway Transportation Safety Administration; &quot""" means U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration; &quot""" means U.S. Department of Transportation, Department of Transportation National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Administration; &quot""" means U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Communications Commission; "FTC""""" and Federal Trade Commission; &quot""""" means U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Communications Commission"""""" and U.S. Department of Transportation, Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration""""""" Means U.S. Department of Transportation; &quot"""""""" is an agent, or subcontractor to; ("FTA"""" "), as applicable; &quot

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Morning welcome to the compliance and fit Policy Council at the OTA council summit day for those of you who don't know me my name is Jeff Wood vice president operations and safety with OTA this council the the new newly renamed compliance and freight policy Council is an extension of the former OTA Safety Council so the purpose of today is to do a number of things one allow you folks to network with industry peers to get a little bit of Education three have some fun and four have fun, so we are we actually have a fairly busy schedule today, and we're going to have a series of five presentations before we get started with that I do need to do a little of council business and just just for everyone's information this is actually the second meeting of the compliance and for a policy counselor once we reinstituted it in March, so it's a little bit of a bigger audience the first meeting we had in March there were 17 people and I think here we have close to 100 or more so the goal going forward will be to add you to a contact list, and we will start the communications that way a little more detail about that the role of this committee it will start to take on a more formal role in the policy developed development side of things that will eventually feed into the OTA board policy which will direct our Lobby efforts going forward and obviously the second the the second intention of this is to a lot of networks so I see lots of familiar faces want to welcome you, and we're and we're looking forward to working with you, so there's a couple things that we're going to do obviously I've introduced myself we're not going to do introductions because we'll be here all day on a tight schedule in terms of attendance if you haven't signed the list we'll pass it around please get your name on it, and then we'll get all your contact information if we can communicate going forward review the agenda so like I said we've got five topics I think you've all had a chance to review the the agenda so we're going to start with some broker carrier discussions we're going to get into a little of work litigation and us collisions after lunch we're going to get technical with some yield eat yield the information where we're going in the States in Canada followed by spiff explain gentlemen from the ministry's going to come and have a chat with us and then the last session of the day will be some discussions on mandatory entry-level training, so that's what we're doing like I said we're on a tight time schedule hopefully you can stick around for lunch will be served in the room next door from 12 till about 1:15 again the format of this session is very fluid so if there's something here you want to see and then in the next there 's's another council that's operating concurrently if you want to go by all means don't feel obligated to stay here all day and just a couple of housekeeping items if you do have your phones if you can turn them off and just be respectful if you're leaving...


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